Ghita Benotmane, Product Director for the French Product at PayFit, recently participated to a Women in Product meetup in Paris, entitled "The PM/UX pairing, couple therapy".
Hosted by Diane Mergui in the LiveMentor offices, the fireside-chat meetup was recorded and voice-over was added to turn it into a podcast.

In this chat, Ghita was accompanied by Amélie Sol, Product Manager at Yousign, and Mélanie Meng, Lead UX Designer at leboncoin.

Topics covered by this podcast:

  1. What is a good pairing? The guests share their views on the dynamics of a good partnership.
  2. Is it a difficult relationship? When things are going well, everything is perfect. Yet, while there are good duos, there also are difficult relationships - like couples who don't work well together. Find out different views of the relationship.
  3. The roles of the duo: who does what? How can we make sure we define the responsibilities of each role? What will be the best time to discuss this?