This week, Marie Gaumont, Director of Global Product Operations at PayFit, gave a talk during one of The Product Crew's webinar sessions. The topic was "Optimising performance through product alignment".

58%: this is the percentage of PMs who do not address Product Ops directly today.

However, its implementation gives very satisfactory results.

This is what Marie Gaumont, Director of Product Ops at PayFit France, told us last Tuesday during a Masterclass, and it was fantastic 🔥

One years ago, PayFit had :
❌ strong technical dependencies
❌ little visibility into the goals of others
❌ no alignment between teams.

So Marie and her team tackled the Product Alignment challenge 9 months ago.

➡️ And the results are there: + 700 initiatives, + 2500 feedback, and high completion rates.

In this Masterclass, you will learn about:
🔹 the discovery with the Product and Tech teams
🔹 the different solutions and tools tested
🔹 the step-by-step implementation of Product Board
🔹 the concrete benefits in visibility and productivity