A few weeks ago, PayFit's VP of Design Léa Mendes Da Silva spent 3 hours talking about design (and more) with podcaster Gautier Zimmermann.

She touched upon many topics related to being a VP of Design:

  • Scale and retention issues
  • OKRs and leadership
  • Structure and organisation
  • Challenges, failures, and successes

Rather than cutting through such a rich conversation, they chose to release it whole – in two parts! Now that the second part has been published, it is time to post about it here :)

In the first part, they take look back on her journey before PayFit.
Specific topics include:

  • Visual merchandising and customer experience
  • Mistakes not to make when evangelising design
  • The importance of creating synergies between designers
  • Learning from your first experiences

The second part touches on the past 3 years:

  • The role of VP of Design
  • The construction and structuring of his team
  • The methods put in place to keep a consistent design
  • Measuring the performance of designers
  • A multitude of other topics!

Happy listening to you, and merry new year to all!