Thomas Villaren, Staff Engineer at PayFit, was recently a guest on French podcast "If This Then Dev" (IFTTD), hosted by Bruno Soulez.

This podcast discusses trends & specific topics in the universe of Technology & Innovation.

In this episode, Thomas & Bruno exchange on the technical & organizational challenges around building a low-code platform.

Amongst other topics, they talk about:

  • The difference between low-code/no-code platforms and the no-code tools.
  • The software engineering approaches taken when building such platforms (Model-Driven Engineering).
  • The tradeoffs and choices to be made when building a generic platform or a more business-specific one.
  • The role of Product Builders, in the application development process, and their collaboration with the platforms developers.

If you want to dig further on this topic, you may also want to read our article "How low-code platforms changed the course of traditional software development".

Cover picture by Jonathan Farber on Unsplash