Mathilde Gauthier, User Researcher at PayFit, was recently a guest on French podcast "Design Journeys", hosted by Gautier Zimmermann.

This podcast discusses with a designer about his or her background, profession and daily life. Its aim is to understand their creative processes, their working methods and their ways of reinventing themselves.

Among other things, Mathilde takes the time to go over the toolkit she created for PayFit. She explains everything it contains:

  • What is user research?
  • How to do research and with what research method?
  • Why do we do this research?
  • How to find the right testers?
  • How to conduct research?

She also presents how this toolbox is used by all employees to do user research without Mathilde becoming a bottleneck.

Header photo: "Microphone head"by sparetomato is licensed under CC BY 2.0.