Thomas Villaren, Staff Engineer at PayFit, was recently a guest on French podcast Radio Contournement, a podcast focusing on the no-code world.

In this episode, Alex & Thomas focus on the low-code approaches and how they are linked to the no-code world.

Listen to episode #71

Amongst other topics, they talk about:

  • What are the differences between low-code and no-code approaches.
  • What generic low-code platforms can bring to the enterprise world.
  • The specificities of PayFit JetLang platform.
  • The role of Product Builders and their relationship with software development.

If you want to dig further on this topic, you may also want to read our articles "How low-code platforms changed the course of traditional software development" and "Product Builders: a new hybrid product function in the software industry"

Cover picture by Neil Godding on Unsplash